Frequently Asked Questions

This information will help answer all of your questions.

Is the Sourland Semi-Classic a Race?

The Sourland Semi-Classic is a challenging RIDE. The roads are open to traffic and there are no prizes for finishing order. The event is essentially a Randonee (where riders must be self sufficient). Participants should obey all traffic rules and are responsible for their own safety.

Will we be riding as a group?

That is entirely up to the participants. We will provide cue sheets and GPS data so those who want to, may ride at their own pace. While there will be a mass start, everyone will start in self-seeded waves, according to your own fitness, skills, and abilities. We expect there to be several groups that form quickly on the road, based upon these. We suggest you ride in a manner that is most comfortable and safe for you.

What type of support does the ride offer?

Cue sheets and GPS Data will be provided to pre-registered participants. There will be 1 stocked aid station, there will be a post-ride party, and there will be a broom wagon.

Is the Course Marked?

No, however a detailed cue sheet and GPS Data will be provided to all pre-registered participants.

Will there be any SAG, Technical Support or Medical Services?

No, riders must be self sufficient, and capable of making their own minor repairs. All participants must bring spare tubes, tires, tools, and anything else you might think is required to perform repairs yourself. Treat this like you would a normal training or club ride.

However, we will have an emergency number so you can call the broom wagon, in case you can’t make it to the finish on your own. There will not be emergency medical services on course; thus if you need or see some who requires immediate emergency medical attention, please use your cell to Dial 911.

Is there an Entry Fee for the Sourland Semi-Classic?

Yes, please see the Registration Page for details

What do I get with my Entry Fee?

You will get a great day on the bike, on a unique and challenging course, the aid station, and the post ride party with complimentary food and beer.

Who is the ride open to?

The Sourland Semi-Classic is open to any cyclist who wants to take on the challenge. Riders under 18 must have the written permission of their parent or guardian.

How do I Register?

On-line registration is available here.

For full details on registration, please visit our Registration Page on the Sourland Semi-Classic website.

Will bad weather cancel the Sourland Semi-Classic?

Typically not. Since this ride is a tribute to the Northern European Spring Classics, bad weather comes with the territory, thus the ride is rain or shine.

But that said, rider safety is paramount, and if conditions warrant it (such as an Official Storm Warning from the National Weather Service), the ride will be rescheduled to Sunday March 4, 2018.  Please check this website the morning of the ride for cancellation notices. An email message will also be sent to all pre-registered participants.

How Bad are the Dirt Roads?

The dirt roads on the Sourland Semi-Classic are maintained public roads, suitable for daily vehicle use; they just are not sealed with asphalt or other paving material. Most of the unpaved roads are packed dirt, but most of them also have loose gravel. The amount of gravel and pot holes vary year-to-year, based upon how hard a winter there has been.

What Type of Bike Should I Ride?

The course is suitable for the use of standard road bikes. Since the course is ca 61 miles long, and only a small percentage is unpaved, we do not recommend the use of mountain or hybrid bikes. We do recommend tires wider than 23 mm in order to increase comfort and traction, while reducing the chances of punctures.

Should I use a Cyclocross or Gravel Bike?

Cyclocross and Gravel bikes are ideal choices, but certainly not required. Keep in mind that cross/gravel bikes are no stronger than road bikes; they are just designed to offer better clearance for wider tires and mud. If you use a cross or gravel bike, please consider what tires you use, as most of the course is on paved roads, so knobbies will be slow.

Can I use a Fixed Gear Bike?

You are welcome to give it a try. There are a few stiff climbs, and some rough descents, but if you are comfortable on such terrain we welcome you to give it a go. Please note that all bikes must have at least 1 working brake, so pure track bikes are not permitted.

Can I use a Time Trial or Triathlon Bike?

No, unfortunately the course is not suitable for such bicycles; it just isn’t safe. However, if you have a road bike with aero bars, you are permitted to use it, but we prohibit you from using the aero bars when you are on the dirt roads or in a group, as it just isn’t safe to do so. The same rules would apply to Fabian Cancellara and Craig Alexander if they were to miraculously participate.

What Tires Should I use?

Normal road tires typically are just fine, however we recommend using tires wider than 23mm to improve traction, to increase comfort, and to reduce the chances of punctures. Tire treads typically are not very important; knobbies will be slow. An important thing to consider is tire pressure; most people over inflate their tires, which not only are less comfortable, but often lead to poor traction, and flat tires.

Are there any Awards?

This isn’t a race, so there are no prizes based upon performance.