The ride starts and finishes at Sourland Cycles in Hopewell, NJ, and traverses the Sourlands Region over mostly rural roads including some climbs on Sourland Mountain. The route passes through preserved farmland, preserved woods, past pre-revolutionary houses, the quaint Borough of Hopewell and crossroad villages such as Ringoes, Reaville, and Neshanic.

The Provisional Course is ca 60 miles long with 3550’ of climbing (according to RideWithGPS).  There will be 1 aid station, and 4 sectors of dirt and gravel roads.

The 2017 Provisional Course can be seen here.

The course is subject to change at any time, without notice, based upon current course conditions and requests of the municipalities.

This is an old school ride. In other words this will be mostly self-supported (like a randonee, brevet, and the original professional races):

The course will not be marked but we will provide cue sheets & GPS Data
There is only 1 aid station (at ca mile 37), but there are stores at mile 25

Think of it as a local, less epic, more manageable version of D2R2

The unpaved roads are perfectly suitable for standard road bikes, but we suggest tires wider than 23 mm to increase comfort, improve traction, and to reduce the possibility of punctures.

While we have a mass start, everyone is welcome to ride at their own pace. This is a ride, and not a race, and the roads are open to normal vehicular traffic, so you are expected to obey all rules of the road.

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